We Are Open!

Thank you everyone who’ve pre-ordered during the pre-launch period, as well as everyone incessantly poking me on my schedule. Your care gives me life QwQ

I’ve mentioned this before already, and probably will continue to do so, but if you wish to be alerted on shop related updates and/or want an easy way to contact basic help, please please consider following the shop twitter @skullfairy1.


A few quick announcements: Prints are available with fully updated stock. Our last mail out date will be 6th November as I will be flying out to Hong Kong the next day on my annual migration home. As this will mean I’ll be away from my product stocks here in Canada, the majority of things available on the site right now will not be available after this date.

I’m also doing one heck of a culling of prints from my catalog, and so all the old prints are on a hard price cut. If you are/were interested in those old prints please take advantage of it now as it is very likely not going to be available in 2019. This is to force myself to move in some new content finally as I’ve really been behind on producing prints the last two years.

Doki Doki Literature Club Charms are up on backorder right now along with the Star Guardian and Eeevee charms. The bundles are still available just not on discount as it was before. There might be a slight delay on these charms coming in on the manufacturer’s part so we are looking to sort the issue out in time.

We also have stickers available! Please remember to check those out.

Free shipping on orders over $50 is still active, as well as 3 charm discounts and buy 2 get one free on non-sale Prints (This is all automatic on cart. Just select the items)

For anyone buying prints WITH charms: They will be mailed separately as their packing methods are different. Even if charms get delayed, your prints will be mailed out during these next two weeks of my available time.

What happens after Wednesday 7th November?

The shop will be on a brief haitus and will open up again on 17th November.

Prints will not be available on reopening. There is no schedule for new prints yet.

We will be opening orders for:

  • Splatoon Charms Set
  • Wonderland Pins set
  • Monster Hunter World Charms Collection