Mini Prints + 10/24/2019 Update

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since our last big site update.

It’s been a difficult year trying to settle everything down but I think we’re well on our way to getting this all to run smoothly. I’m going to take this moment also to thank everyone who has been incredibly patient with me and extra love to those who’ve been reporting the site issues they see from time to time. As explained in the past, this has always been a one man operation, and with conventions and travels in between, it’s always a bit of a mess trying to keep eyes on everything at once.

The store as it is will run until November 20th, with 26th being the last mail out day. After this date, all Discounted Prints will be removed from the catalog entirely. If you were eyeing them, please be sure to snag them during this period as I will not be bringing them back ever again.

After November 27th, the shop items will be limited/different once again as i’ll be back in Hong Kong for the winter.


With that out the way, on to the current things!

Printed Goods are all back online for the time being, and the Mini Prints section is now available in store. They’re cardstock, 5×7″ postcard sizes:

We also have mini long 6×18″ Prints in shop for a limited time. Usually these are convention items only!

Though we never made official announcements, the Doki Doki Literature Club charms had snuck in during this time as well:

Lastly 2 regular prints were also added to catalog

I think that should be it.

Please stay tuned for the next update, as we’ll be unleashing a bunch of preorders for some new new newwww things.

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